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The Mouth for Your Ears

What is going on?

The new Master's Monkeys album has been released:
The Care & Feeding of the Monkey


All songs written, performed and produced by Paul A. Kessler
Guest appearances: Uwe Placke (Blues Harp) ans Toni Marijic (Lead Guitar) on "God's Monkeys"
Additional recordings by Markus Kaiser at sp audiolab
Artwork by Silke Carthaus
© ℗ 2019 Roxon Records

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About Master's Monkeys

What and who is MM?

Master’s Monkeys is a musical project created and run by composer/lyricist Paul Kessler. Established 2005, Master’s Monkeys appears as a band with changing line-ups and an exceptional big variety of different instruments.
The music is not conform to a straightforward musical genre although it’s oftentimes Blues related. Other blended musical styles are: Rock, Folk, Hip Hop and Jazz.

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The moods of the songs range from wild and aggressive, dark and haunting to heartbreaking or funny and not infrequently with a wink of the eye. Strong musical influences are: Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Jack White and Neil Young.
Beside the music itself MM seeks the closeness of visual arts and philosophy as well. The lyrics of their Blues song ‘God’s Monkeys’ set the main theme of Master’s Monkeys’ philosophical view. In the course of this MM points out values that matter beyond and far away from politics and questions every religion in general.
Master’s Monkeys provides an artistic world for open-minded music enthusiasts who enjoy diversity off the beaten path of mainstream. MM creates fearlessly, believing that this world only makes sense if we bring meaning into being. The will to craft something good and to collaborate with like-minded people is what drives Master’s Monkeys.

If this somehow speaks to you, feel free to start a conversation.

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The Story of Master's Monkeys

A philosophical approach

picture of a trumpet and a banjo

When Master's Monkeys was one year old, it left it’s home and the mountains and went into the city. There it enjoyed the spirit of urban life and has been giving birth to extravagant musical entertainment ever since.

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A dancing star on the high wire above cultural enforced conformity. Once we were all monkeys, and even yet we are more of a monkey than any of the monkeys. So step right up, monkey lovers! Traumatic dreamworlds and fantasies of almightiness are waiting for you. Curtain up for the one and only ... (drum roll)

MASTER'S MONKEYS ∼ Sacrilegious since 2005

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Words & Music

This is for all lyric lovers out there. Do you love to listen to new music while reading along the lyrics? If the answer is yes, than you are one of us and you’ve come to the right place, because: Master's Monkeys does believe that lyrics matter. What’s in for you? In this column we will present a different song every once in a while and of course the complete lyric. So you can enjoy the words and music together. You can sign up for the Monkey Mailing to get a notification when the next song is online, so you’ll never miss one. We also encourage you to get in touch with us to share some thoughts and feelings about the songs.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

And now, let the song do the talking!

Circus Days

Words & Music by Paul 'Aka' Kessler

They dance like mad with crazy laughter
Whirlin’ round, they kick and scream and rave
Some walk like a bear, some bark and howl
Smiling wild with a cock’s barbaric cry

An one-armed juggler keeps five bottles in the air
Demon-ridden angels stomp and paw like horses
Apes in a jungle rage run like crazy shadows
Gorgons shake their heads, showin’ their teeth

Circus days

"Well, I don’t think that I exaggerate in sayin’
that this is a great original performance
And if this is not true, then no one here is mad"

Some bark and howl, all new and strange
Going mad, crawling on all fours
They leap to music, to changing lights
Whirlin’ round to a moaning saxophone

The director eyes the ring through a blizzard of confetti
Girls in white like angels stomp and paw like horses
Like monkeys in the jungle with horrifying cries
Witches yell in Greek, showing their teeth

They dance like mad with crazy laughter
Whirlin’ round, they kick and scream and rave
Some walk like a bear, some bark and howl
Smiling wild with a cock’s barbaric cry

Circus days, la, la, la, la, la

"Well, they really pull off a great performance
To me, the greatest circus of it’s time
And this is true or I’m not a man"

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Welcome to the Master's Monkeys Jukebox!

We have built this lovely music-playing device for you, so you can always listen to a bunch of songs. A website of a musical project without any music is somehow absurd. Although Master’s Monkeys loves absurdity, we don’t want to leave you without music. It’s like old Fritz Nietzsche was saying: Without music life would be a mistake. We truly believe that. The songs inside our Jukebox will change over time. Every once in a while we will vary the playlist on a whim. Please consider to get on our Monkey Mailing List to make sure you’ll always be up to date with the latest events from the Master’s Monkeys Universe. We also encourage you to get in touch with us.

Send out an email to Paul to say hello.
picture of Paul Kessler
By the way, this is Paul.

He loves to get feedback and most of the time he is a witty conversation partner. If you want to listen to the whole Master’s Monkeys Catalog, you can use something like Spotify or any other popular streaming service.

And now, let’s put on a record and do the Monkey.
Here we go!

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Video Stuff

This is a lyric video of the Duet Version of the Master's Monkeys Classic 'Turn Away From Here' from the album 'Movie Theater'.
The song features the wonderful Nuschin Rawanmehr on vocals.
The photos were shot by Matthias Merkel.


  • Nuschin Rawanmehr – Vocal
  • Paul A. Kessler – Vocal, Guitar
  • Christoph Martin – Piano
  • Farsin Chahidi – Xylophon
  • Lukas Carthaus – Bass
  • Frank Beilstein – Drums, Percussion

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