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Hey, It’s Release Day

Making Music In The Twenties Of The 21st Century

  Episode #22  

Yes, it's time! ALL STRESSED OUT is released as Alt Rock Mix. In the last episode I told a bit about the development of this song.
I'm happy about it because I like the song and this last version is so I can leave it like that. From now on it has to go its own way.
For me the song is kind of stressful, like the name and the lyrics suggest, but at the same time it’s also relaxed, in a CAKE like way. But listen for yourself.

You can watch more videos on THE MONKEY CHANNEL on YouTube.

A New Release - What Does That Mean?

Well, first and foremost, that means you can find the song just about anywhere. You're a Deezer guy? No problem. You listen with Spotify? The song is there, too. Maybe you like YouTube Music? And so on. You get the idea.

But beyond streaming, you can also DOWNLOAD THE SONG directly from the creator for your own music collection. Awesome!

Guitar Notes Of The New Release

Do you maybe play guitar or want to start or know someone who does?
Then I have something for you. The rhythm guitar from ALL STRESSED OUT is pretty cool, not hard to play and really fun.
I have provided the sheet music for you. You can  DOWNLOAD THE PDF.

So, that’s it for this time, folks!

Ev’rybody, have a good time!


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  Episode #22  

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