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So, you wanna do Hip-Hop, sissy boy?

Making Music In The Twenties Of The 21st Century

  Episode #6  

So, I wanted to make a real Hip-Hop Song. Not an Instrumental. I already did that for production music. Not a Rock Song where I just put a Hip-Hop beat underneath. I did that before, like on MAY THE DEVIL TAKE THE REST:

You can watch more videos on THE MONKEY CHANNEL on YouTube.

Yes, Sir! A Real Hip-Hop Song

This time I want the real thing, a song with vocals and lyrics.
I want the whole package: rhymes, flow, wordplay and vocal Rap delivery.
And I knew, it takes a lil bit more than to just start and end every line with “Yo!”.
And it takes more than using lots of curse words just to get the “Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyrics” warning.
I’m not so bad with language and I’ve been writing lyrics for some time now, but when I listen to some of my Hip-Hop Heroes like Chuck D or Kendrick Lamar and so many others, I can only kneel down in humility.
But this is how it is with new challenges, you work as hard and good as you can.
It’s all about learning and doing! That’s the only way it works - Write Fearlessly!
When you are used to sing the lyrics, it’s quite a thing to change to spoken word, so I got a little help from a couple of die-hard New York City Rappers.
It was a lot of fun! And that’s true for the song, too. Out came a funny, cute & quirky Hip-Hop Song, named IN YOUR DNA.

You Wanna Hear?

The song is gonna be distributed by Universal Music’s Spinnup and the release is scheduled for the 1st of November and will be available in all major shops and on all major streaming services.
But in the meantime: You, my dear reader and/or subscriber, get to enjoy this preview.

Next time:
What to do with the rest of this crazy year?

So, that’s it for this time, homies!

Ev’rybody, have a good time!


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  Episode #6  

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