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The Creation Of A Song

Making Music In The Twenties Of The 21st Century

  Episode #21  

Before you can start writing a song, you need some inspiration. That can be anything, but the trigger for ALL STRESSED OUT was another song:
It’s the opening song of his Franks Wild Years album. Fantastic!

Basically a blues song, but with a very special effect - a kind of downward pull.
So I wrote a bass line that sounded like it was going to run down forever.

The Evolution Of A Song

I added a chord riff of blues chords with suspended diminished chords. My basic framework was ready.
I don't remember too well how I wrote the lyrics. I keep a collection of text fragments with over 2000 entries so far. I remember that I used them for the most part.
As soon as the lyrics were finished I recorded the first demo.
Next, I made an instrumental version for a movie pitch. The evolution continued …

Then I did a new production of the song with a different singer. John gave the song a lot of character with his relaxed style.

You can DOWNLOAD the song + sheet music directly from the creator for your own music collection. Awesome!

I also got good feedback for this version. Here are some reviews.

Lea (37) “I like the retro feel to the song, it feels very groovy. The singer has a really good voice. I like the organ in the instrumentals, definitely adds a depth to the song. The lyrics are clever and interesting.”

Tom (19) “This song is very unique. The vocals as well as the band and the beat they deliver are very special. The song also has a great message that is very relatable.”

Lisa (34) “I like the drum beat at the very beginning. The song kind of has a classic rock sound but with more a modern rhythm. [...] There is nothing I dislike about this song.”

David (30) “I liked the feel of the song. The instrumentals were very different than the norm and set a unique mood.”

Next week ALL STRESSED OUT will be released with a completely new mix. Another step in the evolution.
To be continued ...

Vodcast & Podcast

You may have noticed that the MONKEY TELEGRAM is now also available as a vodcast & podcast.
There is even more to discover in the additional formats. Soon there will be a quiz and I'm sure more sections will follow as time goes on.
So it's well worth having a look!

This week’s Episode #5: Lifelong musical roots - Back to childhood influences

So, that’s it for this time, folks!

Ev’rybody, have a good time!


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  Episode #21  

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