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MASTER'S MONKEYS Plans House Concerts

Making Music In The Twenties Of The 21st Century

  Episode #12  

As I already told you in Episode #1, I suffered a serious injury on my left wrist in early summer this year. A pandemic was probably not enough for me to make sure that I can definitely forget my planned Live Program.
The operation was at the end of September and thanks to a very good surgeon and physiotherapist I can now slowly play the guitar again.
After many months of enforced break, the rehearsals for my new Live Program with the beautiful name MASTER'S MONKEYS ONE MAN BAND are finally underway again.
The name is indeed the program. It's a Solo Program and will mainly be house concerts.
Now only the pandemic has to disappear and off we go!

Picture of Paul Aka Kessler playing guitar during house concerts rehearsal

OVER & OVER AGAIN - An integral part of my live entertainment for 13 years

The song OVER & OVER AGAIN is on place 3 of the Top 25 MASTER’S MONKEYS Songs and could get a two-part blog special, because it's probably the song I can tell you most about after 13 years.
Here is a Remix of the original recording.

Excellent Guitar Notes with Tabs

By the way, if you happen to play guitar or someone from your circle of friends or relatives, you should definitely check out the ONE MAN BAND Guitar Arrangement of OVER & OVER AGAIN.

By the way, the song OVER & OVER AGAIN is also the subject of the MONKEY GUITAR Video Workshop Lesson #3.

You can DOWNLOAD the corresponding sheet music.

There's also a way to take some GUITAR LESSONS.

DON'T FEEL SO WELL - Premiere on December 1st

Finally, I would like to remind you that the new song DON'T FEEL SO WELL will now be released on December 1st, provided that everything goes according to plan. It's definitely worth checking out my YouTube channel THE MONKEY CHANNEL next Tuesday, because that's when the new music video for DON'T FEEL SO WELL will be playing.

Oh, now really last but not least an info. For all fellow nerds: You can now subscribe to this blog as rss feed.

Ev’rybody, have a good time!


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  Episode #12  

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