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Making Music In The Twenties Of The 21st Century

Episode #1  

And again the question: What comes next? Damn it!
I just finished two productions, one was ESCAPE FROM THE MADHOUSE and the other one was the cover song IN THE AIR TONIGHT. I’ve never done lots of covers. Well, I played some Tom Waits songs live but never recorded them. I played them just for the moment.
Indeed IN THE AIR TONIGHT was the 3rd cover I produced in my Life. The others are I WANT TO BE THE BOY TO WARM YOUR MOTHER’S HEART by The White Stripes and SEVEN by David Bowie.
Here is a YouTube Playlist with my cover songs.

Being A Musician

The White Stripes song is doing well, once in while someone in Puebla City (Mexico) or Noorderwijk (Belgium) is listening. That makes me happy every single time. But the Bowie song remains unnoticed somehow. You never know why.
IN THE AIR TONIGHT is only released on YouTube so far and is not doing good. The recording was pretty painful, too, for I had to play the bottleneck guitar with a discus injury at my left wrist that still needs surgical intervention.
I know the song is sooooo long for nowadays and I played it even slower than the original Phil Collins version from 1980.

You can  DOWNLOAD the song  directly from the creator for your own music collection. Awesome!

The Creative Process

And the video! You must watch this goddamn zeppelin all the time. But I tell you what: I did the song just because of the zeppelin. I first shot the video, randomly, during a family outing. And then came the idea. I don’t know why. I captured the idea and like David (Lynch) said, I should stay true to my idea. Yes, I did, David. And now IN THE AIR TONIGHT is a Blues with Gospel & Soul influences, I really love.
But I digress … The question was: What comes next?


So, that’s it for this time, folks!

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In this context, I would like to point out that there is also the audio-only podcast to go with the vodcast.

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Ev’rybody, have a good time!


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Episode #1  

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