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New Production Music With Warner Chappell

Episode #19

Oops! I did it again …
SNEAK A PEEK - CURIOSITY & ANTICIPATION is the name of my latest work, which I did together with Warner Chappell and has just been released. It’s a complete album with 10 tracks.
Making instrumental music for film or TV shows is different from writing songs.
You have to remember that the film tells the story, not the music. The production music only supports the mood of a scene.
SNEAK A PEEK was all about tension music this time. But not the kind of suspense just before someone gets slaughtered, rather the kind of suspense like: "What secret does the eavesdropper at the door hear?" or: "Are they going to kiss right now?".


Some years ago, I got a call from my publisher that you only get once in a blue moon. I was supposed to do a song for an international feature film. The film was called ¡VIVAN LAS ANTIPODAS! and takes place in different places around the world. I was supposed to do a song for the part of the film that takes place in Hawaii.
The film production was quite advanced at that time and the film team was about to record the soundtrack. So there wasn't much time and I got to work.
The tempo and length of the song were predetermined. I set the form and wrote the harmonies. Together with my bass player Lukas Carthaus and my drummer Frank Beilstein I recorded the basic tracks in a small basement room of a music school in Bonn.
Then it went, I think already the following day, further into a larger recording studio.
There, another guest musician named Boris Krajewski joined to play ukulele and record a slide guitar played with a BIC lighter.
While our sound engineer Markus Kaiser did the recordings with Boris, I wrote the vocal melody and my brother Martin stopped by and helped me with the lyrics. Afterwards I also recorded a bottleneck guitar and finally sang the lead vocals. Markus did the mix and everyone almost dropped dead. We actually managed to write, arrange and record the song within a few days - a complete production.
Anyone who expects a happy ending now is unfortunately not familiar with the entertainment industry. The producer liked my song - so far so good.
But at the very last second, the director Viktor Kosakovskiy wanted an old song from a Hawaiian band. They got the sync rights and that was it. We were out!
And now for you: MY LOVELY HOME TOWN (in Kalapana Hawaii)


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A TV with Episode #003 on the screen

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So, that’s it for this time.

Don’t miss out to be on again next Sunday for another far out episode of
When it says again: Making Music In The Twenties Of The 21st Century.

Ev’rybody, have a good time and stay safe!


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