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The Superstars Take It All - economic problems of the little musician

Making Music In The Twenties Of The 21st Century

  Episode #13  

As you may know, my blog is about what it’s like to be a musician in the 21st century. Of course this includes some more unpleasant realities.
Did you know that in my profession we have a superstar, winner-take-all thing? What does that mean?
Well, that means that a very small number of “top” performers do extremely well, while almost ev’ryone else struggles to make a living.
But music is not only for musicians, it unites almost all people, all over the world, whatever our backgrounds or interests.
Therefore the question arises, what one or all can do to bring about a fairer and better economy that works for everyone.

People Spend More Money On Potato Chips Than On Music - unfair market conditions make this a disaster

If you really want to appreciate and understand music, then you should know something about the economic connections, because economic effects have a stronger effect on musical culture than you may think. So, let’s start our first lesson!

Lesson 1: What can you (the music fan) do so that I (the musician) can buy myself a hamburger?

Let's do the math! A hamburger, from a very well known fast food restaurant costs me € 1,50.
For a stream of one of my songs on a very well known streaming platform I get € 0.004. (No, I didn't write one zero too many)
So you would have to stream my song about 375 times so I could afford a hamburger.

So, for my hamburger you would have to stream my music for about 18 hours.
Hmm ... that doesn't seem to be a very practical solution.
But what if 375 people would just listen to my song once?
Yes, that would be more realistic. But how do I get 375 listeners? I don't even know that many people.
Now you (the music listener) come into play. Remember the last time you were asked by a musician to follow a YouTube channel, like a Facebook page, share a song or subscribe to a newsletter?
And how often have you not felt addressed or thought "The others can do that"?
Exactly! Musicians are dependent on something that you normally ignore because it's unnecessary in your profession and it’s just for fun in your private life. Every time a musician asks you to click a button or to forward a new song to friends, remember that this little thing is very important for the musician.

So the conclusion is: Yes, you can help to improve the situation for the vast majority of musicians. Support Musicians!

Do You Play The Guitar?

If so, I would like to mention here once again this absolutely smooth guitar arrangement (notes + TABs) of the song OVER & OVER AGAIN.
You can  DOWNLOAD  the corresponding sheet music.

Or just take some exclusive  GUITAR LESSONS.

Monkey Charts Top 25

There is movement in the Top 25 Monkey Charts.
The recently released song DON'T FEEL SO WELL is doing very well and moves up to number 2.

This playlist will be updated regularly and will get additional audio comments for all 25 songs next year.
So I can only warmly recommend to follow this playlist.

So, that’s it for this time.

Ev’rybody, have a good time!


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  Episode #13  

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