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Dark Songs

Making Music In The Twenties Of The 21st Century

  Episode #8  

Last Sunday I showed you the lyrics of a new song, called DON’T FEEL SO WELL.
Well, I think it is fair to say that the theme of this song unfortunately fits into this time. Although, believe it or not, I wrote the lyrics already in 2017, long before the pandemic.
The production of DON’T FEEL SO WELL is almost finished and of course, my dear reader, you’ll get more secret insights and pre-listening options in the course of the next weeks.

So, that's it for today, ehh …. or was there something else?
Let me see ...
Oh, yes!

Dark Song Remix

I've dropped a new video of a classic MASTER’S MONKEYS tune. The song is called ROLL ON THROUGH SATURDAY NIGHT. It’s kind of a very dark and scary spoken word thing, first released on my longplayer album debut UNDER THE SHADE OF A PINE in 2010 (Track 4).

But the sound on the video is the 2019 Remix from the album THE CARE & FEEDING OF THE MONKEY (Track 8), which I think, sounds much better.

So, that's it for today, ehh …. or was there something else?
Oh, yes!
Yep, IN YOUR DNA was officially released today.

You can  DOWNLOAD the song  directly from the creator for your own music collection. Awesome!

Now that was really it.

Ev’rybody, have a good time!


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  Episode #8  

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