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Making Music In The Twenties Of The 21st Century

  Episode #10  

IN YOUR DNA is doing well. It has bravely moved up at number 3 of the MONKEY CHARTS.
In two weeks the song already has more listeners than most of my other songs in ten years. Of course I’m very happy about that, especially because this is my first real hip-hop song.
You can find the current MONKEY CHARTS at the THIS IS MASTER’S MONKEYS Playlist. It’s constantly updated with the Top 25 songs and I’m planning to add audio commentaries in the future, so you’ll get little background stories to every song.

Speaking of Playlists, I’d like to mention my carefully curated new Playlist, called MASTER’S MONKEYS’ Hip-Hop Favorites. I update it regularly with great songs I listen to at the moment and this makes it a very intimate look behind the scenes you can easily follow.

Why Spotify?

You might be wondering why I do most of the stuff on Spotify? Well, this is quickly told. It’s because Spotify offers lots of tools for artists. At least for me it is the best streaming service, so far.
If you say ‘Damn! I don’t have Spotify.”, you should consider to sign up for the free account to check it out.
And because Spotify doesn't pay me for this wonderful advertising, I'll stop right now.

What Does My New Song Have To Do With ‘True Detective’?

Now let’s take a look at the upcoming release DON’T FEEL SO WELL.
Oh (wo)man, it’s a very dark & sinister song that sadly fits into our present times. A kind of apocalyptic vision which I already wrote three years ago.
The song was deeply inspired by the Leonard Cohen song NEVER MIND. I fell in love with Leonard’s song as I watched the 2nd season of the HBO series TRUE DETECTIVE. The song was the title song.
By the way, the complete TRUE DETECTIVE series is heavily driven by its brilliant soundtrack, put together by T Bone Burnett. In case you’ve missed it so far: WATCH!!!! Of course, only if you like really dark and atmospheric crime dramas.

The premiere of DON’T FEEL SO WELL will probably be on December 1. A big thank you in advance to all supporters!

Ev’rybody, have a good time!


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  Episode #10  

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