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Musical influences from childhood

  Episode #5  

Hip-Hop? Really?
Well, so far Hip-Hop is obviously not the first thing that comes to mind when you look at the music of MASTER’S MONKEYS.
But Hip-Hop played a major role in my musical socialization. 1986 the BEASTIE BOYS from New York City released their debut album LICENSED TO ILL and blew away an eleven year old boy from Germany.

Influential Musicians

Hip-Hop had started to make its way from the american underground to a large audience around the world. I was immediately infected.
PUBLIC ENEMY, ICE-T, RUN DMC and others followed and became a great influence for me.
This was the first time in my life I seriously wanted to start a band with my 2 best friends. My older brother told me that you don’t have to learn to play an instrument to make Hip-Hop. “What? That’s great! I can do that!”, I thought and started to scratch a children’s audio play record on my cheap record player.

Hip-Hop for Film & TV

It turned out that it was not so easy after all.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I still love it to this day. I even produced an instrumental Hip-Hop album for TV two years ago.

Southside Slow Rap Album Cover

Again, as always, the question is “What comes next?”
And now I know the answer:
A hard-hitting Hip-Hop Song.
To be continued …

So, that’s it for this time, folks!

And don’t miss out to be on again next Sunday for another episode of
When it says again: Making Music In The Twenties Of The 21st Century.

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