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Making Music In 2021: Show Must Go On

Making Music In The Twenties Of The 21st Century

  Episode #16  

It's almost done! A truly strange year is passing. Music was still made, and music will continue to be made in 2021, even if the live music sector will still be largely at a standstill. But I have hope that maybe small concerts in private settings will be possible again in the summer. We will see.
THE MONKEY TELEGRAM is scheduled to continue next year, as well as the monthly song releases.
Speaking of which, the first release of 2021 is scheduled for next Sunday. MASTER'S MONKEYS' interpretation of the Phil Collins classic IN THE AIR TONIGHT is officially coming out.

Album Cover of the next single release IN THE AIR TONIGHT

Ideas & Plans - A Musical Outlook

I rarely lack ideas and plans for MASTER'S MONKEYS. I never know beforehand which project will ultimately become reality and which will be discarded. Sometimes an idea is simply put aside for a long time and then suddenly reappears.
However, there are already plans for a new series. THE MONKEY TELEGRAM will not only appear as a written music blog, but also as a vodcast on YouTube.

In addition to IN THE AIR TONIGHT on January 3, the following songs are scheduled for release in the coming months:

The Current Monkey Charts

To finish this last episode in 2020, I have the brand new TOP 25 of the MONKEY CHARTS for you.

Ev’rybody, have a good time and a happy new year!


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  Episode #16  

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